How To Organize A Golf Bag

Last Updated on January 15, 2023

Setting out to organize a golf bag may seem like a daunting task, but it is quite simple when you break it down. Many golfers tend to make their golf bags complicated by including everything they own.

It is important to find the perfect balance between bringing the essential items without over or under-packing.

Here is the shortlist of the best way to organize your golf bag.

  1. Sort through your golf clubs and separate them by type (woods, irons, putter)
  2. Group all of your balls together.
  3. Tees, markers, and divot repair tools.
  4. Electronics such as rangefinders.
  5. Spare socks, and a change of clothes.
  6. Sunblock, snacks, vitamins, and medications.
  7. Valuables, wallet, car keys, phone.
  8. Accessories, spare pencils, club tools, spike tools.
  9. USGA Rules of Golf (download the app to your mobile here).

By following a few easy guidelines, you can get your golf bag organized and functional in a way that makes sense for you.

Taking the time to ensure you have an organized golf bag will allow you to focus on playing golf and having fun.

Organizing your bag

The top priority when you organize a golf bag is going to be the golf clubs. Each golf club has a specific use and specific space in the bag. The way you arrange golf clubs will vary depending on your personal preference.

These tips will help you become a more organized golfer.

First, think about the type of golf clubs you have which are necessary to bring. For tournament play, you can only carry 14 clubs in your golf bag.

There might be a pitching wedge or driving irons that you rarely use. These clubs can be left behind to save space for something more useful for your specific skill set.

Next is to decide how, and where, each golf club should be stored. Designate specific slots or zones for each golf club, keeping similar clubs together.

For example, put all of your woods in one section and your irons in another. Make sure that these select clubs are arranged with the club heads easily visible and in a space that will allow fast retrieval.

Shaft length will also affect where your clubs go. Whether your golf bag consists of a 4-way, 8-way, or 14-way divider, there are going to be pockets better suited for some clubs rather than others.

Most bags are going to be designed for your clubs to be in descending order. The longest clubs, such as woods and long irons, are not going to sit properly in a pocket designed for middle irons and short irons.

Golf club organization in bag

Golf clubs should be organized in descending order. The longest clubs are going to be better suited for the deeper pockets, closest to the spine of the bag.

Short irons will fit better towards the opposite end of the bag.

The putter, your shortest club, and driver, your longest club, are the exception to this organization system and should be placed together in a designated place for simple, thoughtless retrieval.

This is most commonly at the top of the bag, closest to the spine of the golf bag.

Once you organize a golf bag around the importance, uses, and size of the clubs, playing better golf will be a little easier and more enjoyable.

Golf Bags

The type of bag you use will determine how much you bring with you and how much you will need to organize. Still no matter the type of bag, items will be sorted according to our list at the top of the article.

A cart bag is the largest and will allow you to bring the most items and be designed with plenty of space to accommodate it all. Most cart bags feature tons of pockets, room for spare balls, and most likely a valuables pocket.

My favorite cart bags include an insulated pocket for drinks and cold snacks.

It is common for the pockets closest to the spine to be deeper and longer, with the neck of the compartments sloping to the opposite side, causing decreased depth.

Where the clubs go in the bag

Longer shafted clubs should be located closer to the spine, and shorter clubs furthest from the spine.

A common exception to this would be the putter. It has a short shaft, but due to its frequent use and importance, keeping it at the forefront is a common modern practice.

At the core of any organizational system, personal preference and consistency are key.

When you organize your golf bag, keeping your clubs where it makes sense to you will encourage long-lasting order in your golf bag.

Golf Balls

Balls are an important item to keep in an area that allows for quick retrieval while playing. These should be kept in an easy-to-access pocket.

Most golf bags on the market today have pockets specifically designed to hold golf balls.

The number of balls to bring in your golf bag will vary depending on the type of player and is affected by your skill level.

You do not want to bring more than needed as they can weigh down the golf bag and cause unnecessary bulk, while not bringing enough could leave you in a tough spot.

A case of golf balls is usually enough for the average player. If you are a beginner, you may want to keep your golf bag stocked with a few more golf balls.

If you are playing in a captain’s choice or scramble tournament, you may want to bring older or extra balls in the event you want to make a risky shot where you are likely to lose your ball.

In these instances, I prefer to keep one really nice new ball in my pocket just for putting.

By taking the time to properly organize your balls and tees, you can stay focused on your game and play at your best.

Whether you prefer a simple system or something more complex, finding the right organizational strategy is key to a smooth round of golf.


assortment of colorful golf tees

In addition to golf clubs and extra golf balls, there are a few other essential items that you will need to bring with you on the course. These may include

  • gloves
  • hats
  • tees
  • ball markers
  • divot repair tool
  • club cleaning tool
  • sunblock

Each of these items should be stored in an easily accessible location. The most important thing is to make sure that they are securely fastened and will not fall out during your round.

Most golf bags have side pockets that are perfect for holding smaller items such as gloves, tees, sunblock, and hats so that they are within reach while you are playing.

If your golf bag is more basic, you should evaluate the size and location of the pockets available to pick which would be best for your small accessories.


Technology has become a big part of golf, and many players use it to their advantage while on the course. From GPS watches and apps to rangefinders and more, there are many ways that technology can help your game.

When it comes to storing your tech gear, you want to be sure that it is protected from the elements, in a waterproof pocket or bag.

Your rangefinder will mostly be used on every shot, so you may want to get a bag that has a pocket specially designed for one. Unless you typically ride in a cart, then you most likely will keep it in the dashboard compartment.

Water and Snacks

It is important to have plenty of water and snacks with you so that you can stay hydrated and fueled throughout your round.

The best way to store these items is to use a golf cart or pushcart that has a built-in cooler or beverage holder. Of course, not all golf bags are going to have this feature.

Another great spot to store water and snacks could be a waterproof pocket to contain any condensation and accidental spills.

Regardless of the golf bag, you should pick a pocket with easy access that is also in a position that is unlikely to be crushed during your time on the golf course.

Depending on the golf bag, it could be up to you to determine the best spot.


Golf apparel can take up a lot of space in your golf bag, and if it’s not organized properly, it can be difficult to find what you need when you need it.

As with all items in your golf bag, you want to be sure you are only bringing what is going to be needed.

Keep it minimal and practical.

First, start by separating your golf apparel into categories of necessity. Many players like to have back-ups for just-in-case moments.

The weather and specific circumstances of your trip to the golf course are going to determine what is going to be needed.

A jacket and spare socks

Outerwear and socks are going to be the only apparel items that should be kept in easy-to-access areas.

A windbreaker might come on and off multiple times throughout the day, and socks sometimes need to be changed frequently.

All other apparel items should be stored in a large, out-of-the-way pocket. Shirts, shorts, and pants should be rolled up tightly to conserve space.

Foodsaver packing hack

A secret of mine is to use a food sealing machine to seal up my extra socks, glove and, towel. This keeps guarantees that they stay dry and are ready to go when I need them.

If you plan to bring shoes, store them in a shoe bag so that they don’t take up too much space in your golf bag. Many golf bags on the market today will have a designated shoe storage pocket.

A shoe pocket is going to be large, but again, out of the way.


When it comes to valuables, you want to make sure that they are stored in a safe and secure location. The last thing you want is for your phone, wallet, keys, or other important items to fall out of your golf bag and get lost or damaged.

Most modern golf bags come with a built-in, designated pocket for valuables. They typically have a soft fabric lining and are positioned in a place that is unlikely to be knocked around.

In some cases, they are even waterproof to protect electronics. This would be the best place to store these items, but not all bags have this convenience.

One option for storing valuables is to use a small, protective bag, bought separately from the golf bag. A ziplock bag works great for this and is inexpensive.

Then you can decide which pocket in the golf bag will be best suited for this separate bag to be stored. This can ensure security for your items and allows more flexibility.

First Aid Kit

Having a personal first aid kit comes in handy as well. It does not have to be any type of major trauma kit, a small soap container or zip lock bag with a few band-aids, bite cream, and maybe some over-the-counter pain killers will do the trick.


There you have it! A few tips on how to organize a golf bag to make your life on the course a little easier.

By taking the time to sort through your bag and decide what is truly necessary, you can save yourself time and frustration.

And who knows, maybe even improve your game!

The type of golf bag is going to be the ultimate decider when it comes to your organization system.

But with a little bit of thought and preparation, you can have a well-organized golf bag that works for you.

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